Monday, November 30, 2009

Recipe for Success?

Step 1: Rush to Genuardi's on Thanksgiving Day to buy organic produce & ground turkey. This ensures fresh produce and no crowds. Drive like a maniac home. Prep food for cooking. Lie to husband that this won't take that long.

Step 2: Boil apples. Bake sweet potatoes. Steam carrots (darn nitrates!). Saute turkey in water.

Step 3: Let cool (see picture). Oh and shower, get dressed, get the baby dressed, and pack her diaper bag.

Step 4: Puree using food processor and water. Divvy out that day and the next's portions for meals. Freeze extra using only available containers which may or may not be freezer appropriate.

Step 5: Present food to baby using same utensils and bowls as usual. Pretend like it came in a jar. Use enthusiastic tone (e.g. "Yaay, applesauce! Yummy carrots!").

Step 6: Feed baby. Hold breath as you wait for reaction.

Step 7: Stay positive.

Step 8: Keep going. Do not offer jarred food as alternative despite best puppy dog eyes.

Step 9: Be a good sport. And be proud of yourself for feeding your child wholesome, organic Thanksgiving goodness.

**This post brought to you by my neighbor Danielle &**

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday(s)!

Sadly, advanced cake decorating was cancelled. However, I have been happily practicing by making birthday cakes for friends. Note to self: practice writing and learn how to do something other than flowers. ;-) Side note: the middle pictures are from intro cake decorating when we learned how to use fondant. I must say, I prefer icing although the fondant does give the cake a very professional look. Quarter-life crisis, here I come!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

7 Months

Soooo not only did I do this "photoshoot" on the fly, but I also completely spaced on posting it in a timely manner. I figured I'd better get my favorites on the site since she's going to be 8 months soon!

There was definitely a HUGE difference between these and the 6 month shots. She did smile for a few, but they weren't nearly as cute as her non-smiley ones, and she spent most of the time trying to play with the sign. How could I compete with the sign??? And how dare I try! This kid has tons of toys but she prefers the no-frills, "homemade" ones. What a girl we've got!

At 7 months, Olivia can:
say mama and dada indiscriminately
starting to discriminate & label mama and dada
looked at me and said, "mama" on Nov. 8th!!
babbles all day, starting to imitate sounds
babble sings (very cute!)
eats rice cereal twice per day mixed with formula
eats fruits & veggies - loves applesauce, carrots, and peas!
eats Puffs (an easily dissolvable baby finger food) but not by feeding herself
sits without support but we still put something behind her for the inevitable fall
bears weight on her legs when held upright
rolls over (though not consistently or often)
looks for dropped objects
reaches and works to get things
picks up smaller objects with an open palm
tries to pick up smaller objects with a pincer grasp but is often unsuccessful
still loves peek-a-boo or "Where's Livie?"
passes objects from hand to hand

Highchair Antics

I thought I'd post a video of Olivia in the highchair. We decided to let her hold the spoon... lesson learned!


Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned; it has been over a month since my last post. Mae culpa.

So, look for some updates from events over the past month (umm, Halloween much?). In the meantime, here are some adorable pictures of Olivia's first go in her exersaucer. She loves being in it now that she is totally device-free. She is doing other amazing, fantastic things, but I loved these shots and couldn't help but post them first.


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